Over Under Credit Card Bottle Opener

$ 12.00

"That he will at all times conduct himself as a gentleman." 
This is a motto we were taught at a young age and strive to live by on a daily basis. With that being said, we are all for having the proper tools for a good ol' fashioned tailgate or party, but there is no need to carry a keychain bottle opener for all the world to see. Step it up a notch when you use one of our Stainless Steel Original Logo Credit Card openers that discretely fits into your wallet. Made from heavy duty, medical grade stainless steel and MADE IN THE USA these bottle openers are the exact size of a standard credit card so they fit perfectly into any wallet....especially any of ours! Be a gentleman and always have one on hand for you and your date, and throw that cheap piece of Chinese plastic you've been using away!

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