Over Under Bison Wrapped Bourbon Glass

$ 30.00

Introducing the first piece in our Reserve Collectionfor Fall 2015: The Bison Wrapped Bourbon Glass. These glasses will bring and traditional bar set full circle with the embossed "tobbacco" colored Bison Leather Wraps. They are certain to be the center of attention at your next soirée or cocktail party alike!

These Glasses are standard "rocks glass" size, and feature a lazer engraved "Shotgun Shell Logo" on the bottom of the glass, viewable from the top. We finished the piece with a removable American Bison Leather wrap to ensure you will have nothing but warm hands and cold drinks any night of the week. The wrap is tapered to allow it to slide onto the glass from the bottom while preventing it from sliding off the top of the glass. On the Leather Wrap, we have embossed a Bison with a whiskey barrel around his chest as well as our "Reserve Collection" emblem.

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